Sunday, June 23, 2013

Much Happier With This Load!!!

I'm much happier with what came out of the kiln today.
More face and bird beads
 I made some with the hole going the other way too

 I'm obsessed with these itsy bitsy shank buttons!

and this might be my new favorite glaze for summer.  It makes me think of the beach.
 I like the metallic glazes too
 especially with the blue
One of the lily pads is blooming!!!!
 and check out the rose on one of my new rose bushes!!!!
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

I Thought It Was A Kiln Full Of Crapola

When I opened the kiln this morning I was pretty disappointed...
 For some reason I forgot how much I hate this brown glaze and there were a lot of really ugly pieces...
 It looks so pretty on the jar that I completely forgot what it looks like fired in my kiln.
I was happy to find a few pieces that I liked at the bottom...
 I have to say, I love this heart!
I have to remember to mark that brown glaze so I don't use it again.  Very disappointing reveal that's for sure.  Anyhoo, I'm still glazing and firing like crazy getting ready for the summer shows.  I sure hope the next batch is pretty.  

Monday, June 10, 2013

It's Coming Together

My herb garden is in.
 The little stream between the ponds is in and working.
 The waterfall is almost finished.
The fish seem very happy.  I love our new yellow koi.  They are very cool and have a lot of personality.
 One of my new rose bushes has a bud!!!!!
 When all the work was finished for the day (we worked from 8am till 5pm) we sat back and had some wine.  This is the best wine we have had in a long time!!!  Try it! 
 We didn't have anything for a yummy appetizer to go with our wine and had to settle for graham crackers - not the best choice but we were hungry.  Howard loves graham crackers and he was getting a little close...
Who can resist this face?

 Today it is raining and the roofers will not be coming to finish the roof.  I am so stiff for yesterday that I want to lay on the sofa all day but alas I have piles of laundry to do and I need to clean my kitchen.  Not a fun day to be sure.  I hope you have a happy Monday!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Pond...

I can't stop looking at this pendant.  I love how the glaze came out.
I'm going to be doing a shop update today and this piece will be one of the items listed.
I hope you are having a lovely weekend.  I'm getting ready to load the kiln (and I'm hiding from Mark because he is doing dreaded yard work and you know how I hate that!)
My backyard has been under construction for a very very long time!
There are about 10 projects in the works simultaneously!  We have the waterfall under construction, the koi pond extravaganza under construction...
 currently we are attaching the original pond to the new big pond and there will be a little rock stream with a small wooden bridge over it...  Howard is like "what the frig is goin' on here?"
 He likes to keep a close eye on things and sometimes that means looking between Mark's legs while he digs...

 The little original koi pond is full of life these days.  Lots of fish hiding and several frogs that kick it into full gear as soon as the sun goes down (I'm sure the neighbors are loving our pond lol)
and this ugly plastic thing is suppose to keep the herons away mmmmhmmm.  So far it's just an eyesore!
Mark put these landscaping logs down to keep the stone from going all over the yard until me get the little walls built...
 and we can't find a new fire pit screen...
 I'm going to use the same rock to make an herb garden where these two barrels are.   I'm hoping to get the herbs, soil, and stone tomorrow morning.
On another note...My new rose bushes are growing like crazy!!!!
and our tomato plants are cruisin' along too
 and so are the flower baskets along our fence
I will just be so happy when all the construction is finished and we can actually sit out here and enjoy it!
Ugh, Mark just said I have to come out and help...damn damn damn! I shouldn't have walked outside to take pictures - it implied that I didn't have anything better to do - &^$#$@! Now I have to work in the yard!