Friday, May 20, 2011

Not So Fun...

My bead stash is very sad.  I would love to spend the entire day making beads but my finger still isn't better. ghaaa!  Very frustrating.
I have the very bad habit of putting my filing off until it is absolutely necessary.  Since I can't do what I want, I decided to work on my April and May paperwork.  ugh.  I have to sort all the papers by date and then enter them into my computer accounting software. 
As you can see, I have a long way to go before I even get to the computer entry part of this!  No fun for me today. 
On a happy note, I did see this listing of a necklace using one of my pendants!  It was made by the very nice and incredibly talented Lisa Godfrey.  So very exciting to see the finished piece! (I don't often get to see what becomes of the things that I make)
I hope you have a terrific Friday doing all kinds of fun things - not paperwork!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Rest of The New Glaze Results...

I am really happy with so many of these colors!  lots of new favorites.  This post is full of photos of what I really like from this firing...(you should be able to click on the photos for a better look)
 I think this pink is so cool 
especially on this pendant

 These glaze combinations came out kind of cool, but I'm still not so sure about them
 I kind of like them on the buttons 
 But I'm not sure I like them on the pendants
That's it for me today.  I sliced my finger open unloading the kiln the other day -  It still hurts but it's healing.  I want to work with the clay but I don't want to get clay in it.  I could wear a rubber glove but it might leave texture in the clay.  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos - have a great day!

Friday, May 13, 2011

So Many New Colors...

I have to thank Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio Blog!  She did one of her fabulous posts on the Beads Of Clay Blog about her glaze testing results.  They were so pretty that I immediately ordered all of my favorite colors.  I quickly glazed a bunch of porcelain without testing the glazes in my kiln first!
I filled the kiln to the top and turned it on - I was very nervous!  I wanted Marsha's results but had no idea what I would be getting.
This morning I opened my kiln and it looked like this...
Not exactly like her results, but I like a lot of the pieces.  I've refilled the kiln with more from this glaze but for now, here are some photos from this batch...
I have listed a lot of them in my Etsy shop today and I will be listing more tomorrow.  Molly's prom is tomorrow night so this is going to be a busy weekend here.  Hope she has nice weather tomorrow - they are calling for some rain.

Monday, May 9, 2011

For The Love Of The Pinch Pot...

I hope you had a great weekend!  I made a little pinch pot in porcelain - I am currently addicted to making pinch pots!  This is the first one I made.  The others are being glazed this week.
It's tiny - I think that's why I like it so much.
 I didn't glaze the outside and I'm glad about that.  I really like the outside unglazed.
 Happy Monday!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some New Colors From The Kiln This Morning...

Good Morning!  It's cold and rainy here-very gloomy.  But, I do have a new batch of buttons and a few pendants just out of the kiln this morning.

This purple is really purple!

I really like this aqua color.  This is actually two different glazes.  The pieces on the right are slightly darker.

Not too crazy about the next three colors, but I do like them with the yarn in the photos below.  I have learned not to give up on glazes...when you put them with other beads and yarn they can look completely different!
I mean really, is this an ugly blue or what?
and brown is never one of my favorites.
I bought a few skeins of Noro yarn - who doesn't love Noro yarn? aaaah, the colors are always so pretty.  And please don't ask about the sweater I was going to make for Molly (2 Thanksgivings ago now) because I haven't even started it yet! bad bad mommy.  Anyhoo, I bought some skeins to make mug cozies and coasters.  Two more of my favorite things.  Look at the buttons with them...oooo, love them.  Can't wait to work on them.
 Even the round button below that I didn't really like - like it on this!

 These are the few pendants that were in this batch.  I'll be listing them today and tomorrow in my Etsy shop
Where is the sun!  I need the sun.  I hope you have a happy day!