Sunday, January 26, 2014

Playing With Glaze, Glass, and Beads

Good Morning!  It's freezing here and I don't like it one bit!
We had about 8 inches of snow this past week - it was pretty for about 2 hours and then it was just a pain in the butt - it was also about 3 degrees so ... yeah.
Truman went to the vet for his 3 month shots.  He is 48.2 pounds now - He is sooo tall the weight must all be in his legs and feet (which are huge)

He is such a happy puppy.
We had to put the puppies in coats to go outside.  Wilson freaked but Truman was like okay, no problem.  He is definitely the more confident of the two.
I was making beaded beads - they are so fun and completely addictive to make!
I was making tiny ones to use as earrings.
 I was using size 11 seed beads.
 Then I decided to try to make them even smaller using 15's
Ack!  How cute are they?!
This weekend I have been playing with glass.  I made some little cupped shaped pieces and yesterday I glaze fired them with glass.  I was worried because I was winging it with the glass and had no idea what it would do in the kiln.

So bright and early this morning I ran down and opened the kiln to see the results...
I love how some of them came out.  The yellow is kind of yucky so I probably won't be using that one again.  I'm not sure these are useful - they have two embedded hooks on the backs.  I was thinking of them as closures for a necklace.  What do you think? they are about 1 1/8 inches across.  Too big? Too clunky?  Would love some feedback on them.
Also out of the kiln this week...
A few more spring pendants

And some cabochons with my new hand carved stamps...

It was a productive week for me!  Have a great Sunday!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

My New Spring 2014 Line

Happy New Year!  I have been busy working on my new line for Spring 2014.
This is just the first set of floral pendants that came out of the kiln today.  There are many many more to come.
I'm going to sell them with hand dyed sari silks.  I love how they work with the colors of the glazes. 

 I am also working on larger pieces. An entire series of wall tiles as well as mugs, cups, bowls, and more incense burners (both for the cone and for the stick incense)
 I'm pretty excited about my new line - I think my background as a hand quilter - especially needle turn applique - is showing with these new pieces :)