Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Little Peek At The Porcelain....

Unloaded the kiln again this morning with some porcelain.  This is still my all time favorite glaze combination! love love love this color.

 I am caaaa razy about the big lentil bead in the lower right corner!

 Sadly, these three leaves all had the glaze run right on over the bottom hole/wire loops ;O( at first I thought I was going to have to just trash them, but the glaze completely encased the wires and the second hole so they are actually usable.  
 and that brings us to my new work of art....A porcelain lentil bead lollipop! waaaaaah, I am so sad about this!
 I took a little peek in the kiln last night when the temperature got down to 200 degrees and this giant lentil bead was the first thing I saw and I was like ooooooooo I love it.  But then when I unloaded the kiln it wouldn't come off of the rod! damn damn damn!
I can't throw it in the trash because that would just be too traumatic for me so ... it's a lollipop decoration ... yay!  As much as I love it I am not going to try to make any more of them so don't get excited! :O)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Forgotten Glaze Combinations...

I'm still glazing.  I found the next two glaze combinations while I was choosing colors.  I had completely forgotten about these two results.  The first one is black with a green over it.
and this one is black with a blue over it.  I really love this one!
this batch had a lot of purples in it too
 this (blurry as it is) it like a plum color with green over it.  I'm not sure I like it on the big pieces, but I love the beads.
 this is an even darker plum with a green over it
 I'm not even sure how I got this piece.  It's the only one this color.  It's a dark pink with a blue over it but I have no idea what blue it is.  Maybe aqua. 
 I kind of like this flower.  I only made one.  Maybe I'll make some more.
 Lots of owls in this batch too.
My mother-in-law died yesterday morning and we are all in the sad process of funeral arrangements so no orders will be shipped until Wednesday, July 25.  Thanks for stopping by - have a great weekend!