Tuesday, July 26, 2011

OOOO This Glaze Combination!

How much do I love this glaze combination?  I can't even tell you!  Every piece that comes out of the kiln I love!  This is a cabochon...
and these!  LOVE THEM!  They are 1/2 inch and I cannot wait to make them into earrings!
Speaking of little earrings, these just came out too.  I don't really love how the glaze pooled on these but they are 1/2 inch x 3/8 and I think they could be cute too. 
These are my other favorites from this firing... This should have been a set of two but sadly the other one made a friend in the kiln...
I've been playing around with these patterns on buttons and I must say that I LIKE it!
Two other cabochons from this batch... 
Oh, and I made these for me too.- also 1/2 inch. 
 So glad that the crazy heat is gone (for today at least)!  Would like to sit outside today and totally goof off but I need to get back to glazing.  Have a great day!

Friday, July 15, 2011

New Items For Etsy!

I made a few new things for my Etsy shop!  I love incense so I thought a few little incense burners would be fun.  I'll be listing them this weekend with a little bag of handmade natural incense included and you will be able to choose your mix of incense from a pretty big list.  I'm working on more, but for now here are a few that are finished...
And Mark bought me a new bike.  Very excited about that!  It's so smooth to ride.  These bikes don't have kickstands and I couldn't hold it up and take the photo so you'll have to overlook the icky background on this.  Isn't it pretty?  Oh, and the color is Earl Grey - my favorite tea!
and look - matching helmet! yay! :O)
I don't have the new pedals yet or the shoes that clip into them.  (just like the tour de France guys!)Mark is buying the pedals today during his lunch hour but I have to go to the store to be fitted for the shoes.  Little worried about clipping my feet into the pedals - image of me coming to a stop and forgetting to unhook my foot and slamming to the ground - not a pretty picture!  I want them though (Mark has them and loves them).  Did learn a lesson today... never drink 2 giant mugs of coffee and then go for your bike ride!  ugh, made me a tad ill. :O) Anyhoo, that's what I'm busy with.  Hope you have a great weekend!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hello again! (photo heavy post)

Wow!  I have been gone a long time!  All good, just June was a crazy month.  We just got back from 10 days at the beach so I wanted to show you some of the stuff that came out of my kiln right before we left.  I was playing around with Amaco glazes (Celebration, Potters Choice, and Sahara) just adding them randomly on top of each other.  Thought I would show you some of them...
I was just playing around with the glazes so I didn't right anything down or do any test pieces.  I'm pretty sure this is aqua over bright yellow.  I really like the color.

This is just aqua.
This is the aqua over the yellow again.
This is green over blue.
love these
This is from an antique button of a ship.  I love the button but I just can't get a good pendant from it.  I give up.  It's a cool button - sucky pendant.
This blue was so strong that you can hardly see the green in this.
love this button.
This was a lavender glaze over a red glaze....gaaaah, it's black.
I'm off the crutches but I have to wear a brace for 4 weeks (about 1 1/2 weeks to go).  Isn't it lovely?
The beach was perfect.
Howard enjoys the beach...(his tongue is all dried out again - poor dog - his tongue just doesn't fit in him mouth so he looks like this all the time)
He still hates the water.  Molly tried to get him to go in with her
unfortunately, he was standing next to my chair with his back to the water and we didn't see the giant wave coming...and he was standing on his own leash...and the wave came...and poor poor Howard was trapped ankle deep in water!  Oh the shaking.  Oh the trauma of it all.  He made us leave the beach after that...
Molly and Howard...
We had our family ski ball competition...
hmmmm, Molly's score on the right...Jason's score on the left...yeesssss!
Monday I'm back to work in the studio.  I have 5 custom orders that came in while I was away.  Looking forward to starting those.  Have a great weekend!