Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Working With Stoneware This Week...

First, I bought a reader for the memory card from my camera so now I can finally use my camera for photos to use on Etsy!  Thank GOD!  I just took and edited over 240 photos of beads and pendants that I will start listing very soon!  In the mean time, I have been making beads beads beads (and a few pendants) in three colors of stoneware clay!  The kiln was filled with a ton of beads yesterday.  I just unloaded and am going to reload again with just as many pieces along with some porcelain beads.
 Top: Chocolate, Left: Brown, Right: Red
 and I was soooo excited about this bead! until I realized that I forgot to put a hole in it! lol Now it's going to be a super awesome paper weight!  Actually, I might be able to wire wrap it...we'll see.
I can't wait to glaze the red clay!!!  Crazy excited to see it glazed.  And I'm looking forward to having beads again!  It's been a loooooong time since I made beads - and I've made a bazillion million lately!

Have a great Wednesday!  It's gorgeous here again today - I love the cooler Fall weather we have been having.