Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice Is Getting In My Way!

It is so dark in my house today. gloomy gloomy gloomy.  My kiln is loaded and ready to go but I'm afraid to turn it on because we already have ice from last nights storm (kids home again - at this rate they will be in school till July!) and we are expecting a huge ice storm later today.  There may be wide spreed power outages and I'm afraid that it would be just my luck that the power would go out mid firing.  Better safe than sorry - I'm going to wait and fire everything tomorrow instead.  Not happy about that - I'm really anxious for the new pieces to be finished.  These are some of the porcelain pieces I made with those carved blocks that I did last week.
 These are stoneware.  I made a lot of buttons this time.
I can't wait to see these glazed!  Oh! I hate ice - I'm ready for spring!  It's days like this that I really regret that we didn't move to Arizona a few years ago!  I could go for blazing hot 120 degrees right about now. :O)

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