Friday, February 11, 2011

Molly's Bowl

Molly and her friends went to one of those paint your own ceramic places a few weeks ago.  I know, she could have bought a bisque bowl and glazed and fired it here for a heck of a lot less, but you know how teenagers are.  Anyway, I love it.
I think it is really cool, love all the colors and shapes.
But look!  They chipped it!  When they were packing it up for her the manager said "oh my, it has a chip.  We'll give you a discount on your next item."  Well, hello?! the discount should have been on THIS item.  Maybe Molly doesn't plan to go back.  And I don't like that she didn't write down exactly what that discount would be.  I wish I had been there to intervene on this one.  Really angry about it.  and it's such a shame - it's a great bowl.

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  1. It's a great bowl and a shame that it got chipped and the way it was handled. She's obviously inherited her mother's artistic abilities!