Thursday, February 17, 2011

If You Hear Uncontrollable Sobbing

It's just me because you see my all time ALL TIME favorite antique button (the one with the fantastic clover)
seems to be lost forever.  I have torn my studio apart looking for it.  I was using it last week with the red clay and I think I accidentally threw it away when I was cleaning up.  I am beyond sad about this.  That's exactly what I get for not making a master copy with plaster.  I have the plaster.  I've had the giant bag of plaster for weeks.  Did I make the mold?  Oh hell no!  I just kept using the one and only button because I love it so and now it's gone.  So I'll just sit here and cry.  all day.  uncontrollably. I guess It's frozen pizza for dinner tonight. Can't possibly cook or clean now! lol


  1. We've all done things like that. I'm not even going to mention the things I loved that I accidently threw away. But maybe you didn't! I'm hoping it will show up!

  2. oh no - i am sooo sorry!!!!! maybe..?? don't give up yet!