Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Remember the other day when I showed these pendants that I hate...
 I decided to redo a few of them.  In the photo above I redid the rust button and the brown pendant on the bottom next to the button.  In the photo below I redid the large pendant with the triangles and the large red pendant. 
 I'm not a fan of brown so I added a blue glaze over this one and refired it and here is what it looks like now.
I am so glad I did that I really like it now.  And I'm happy with this one...
I'm not sure I like this one.  I like it better than before, but I'm not as happy as I am with that blue one.
and then there is this...
still to rusty for me, but I like it a lot better than before.  Unfortunately, I didn't write down what I did so I have no idea what glazes were used and so I can't make them again.  I know - I had my journal right there on the desk and I know you should always write everything down.  Lesson learned (again) oh well.

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