Monday, March 28, 2011

Out Of The Kiln Monday

 More new items from the kiln this morning.  Remember those white buttons for the order I had recently that I couldn't use?  Well, here they are and I really like them.  I don't think this pattern can come out bad!

 and I am really happy with this one...
 Here are my favorite pendants from this batch...

 a few more tiny tiny buttons...
More earrings - these are so dark with the chocolate clay - I haven't decided if I like them yet.

and there are a lot of beads in this batch too.
So the kiln is reloaded again.  Hoping for more happy results.  Happy Monday!


  1. I really like the one 4 from the bottom, the one with the tans and blues..Pam

  2. Thanks Pam. I really like that one too. It's small (like 3/4 inch) and there should be another one to match - I hope it's in the kiln right now because it wasn't in this batch.

  3. Really love the colors you used for the top buttons. They are beautiful.

  4. Gorgeous colors...I especially like the second from the top with the blue and green in the leaf pattern.