Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Table...All day.

The hardest thing for me...choosing what piece will be what color.  I moved upstairs to the kitchen because the hot tub repair guy was here this morning.  So to stay on schedule I thought I would just glaze upstairs.
I have been sorting and rearranging all day.  How many pieces glazed by 1:54 PM .... ZERO!  Not one.  The brush hasn't touched glaze yet.  Does anyone else obsess about this the way I do.  It's ridiculous.  I need therapy. lol It's not like I can't just remake it if I don't like it, right?  And I love all the glazes I'm using so, really, what are the chances that I won't like it?!  Completely unproductive day. It's like when I buy that really awesome piece of fabric for a quilt and then I can't bring myself to cut it because it's so awesome!  On the up side - the hot tub heater is fixed! yes!  I have been popping my meds for my arms all week and I really don't like to do that.  Off to the Dr with Miss Molly.  She called from school to say she is skipping Tennis and a cappella group because she doesn't feel well.  She's had a cough for 3 weeks that seems to be getting worse the past few days.  For her to skip practice - she must be sick.

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