Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Clay Stamp

I have used this symbol as my signature on all of my art quilts, embroidery, etc for years so when I decided to start stamping my ceramic pieces I wanted to use the same symbol.  H m e.
Well, it arrived today and I love it!!!!

Molly and I are going to Bead Fest in Philly this August.  We are all registered for a torch enamel bead making class and our room is booked for the weekend too! woohoo!  I decided that since it's my birthday weekend that instead of driving the 1 1/2 hour each way from my house we would just stay at the hotel and make a weekend of it.  My only concern...Molly and I can do some serious spending in three days.  We are both (hear me Molly - BOTH) going to have to start saving.  Since I had been doing some serious campaigning for this for my birthday this year...

I think this could be (maybe) a little less expensive and that Mark should give me his credit card, don't you?  I mean compared to the new studio space I want this weekend away is a bargain even if I spend like $1,000 - still a bargain right? lol  A really nice husband would let me have this weekend away with carte blanche spending AND a new studio.  He said he's not that husband. lol  Better start saving.


  1. Your clay stamp is great. And those studios!
    Mine is about eight by eight (old laundry room)
    so those seem like palaces
    ten by ten maybe?

  2. Great clay stamp! Sounds like a perfect birthday weekend. You wouldn't be spending money, you'd be investing in your business. Any one of those studios would be lovely.