Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Think I Love This Glaze...

I'm not sure yet because I was a little heavy with it.  These are just a few of the samples I did the other night with some of my new glaze.
I was a little heavy with it - should have been 3 coats total and this is like 4 because I changed my mind half way through. lol so typical.  I've lost some of the texture, but I love the colors.  I think they will be great when applied more evenly and 1 less coat.  The top row is porcelain and the bottom row is stoneware.

I made the buttons for the order in porcelain thinking that at least one of the 4 new red glazes would work.  The swatch arrived and guess what...none of them match.  Not the 4 new ones or any of the reds I already had!  The only thing that matches in a low fire glaze that I have on earthenware.  So, now I'm behind because I won't be able to use the porcelain buttons that I made and I have to remake them in earthenware.  I am going to glaze the porcelain buttons that I can't use now in the glazes above.

And I thought I would give you the rest of the Jason saga...

So, we were at the ER from Thursday night into Friday morning.  Saturday night...I hear weights hitting the floor above me.  Jason can't be working out can he? I say to Molly and Mark - with a look of I'm going to have to kill someone now, be right back.  I walk to the steps....

Me: JAAAASSSSOOOONNN!!! Are you working out?!
J: Yeah!
Me: Have you lost your mind?! You are going to seriously screw up your arm!
J: No.I'm.Not! it's fine. (because when you are 19 you clearly know more than your parents - dumb and dumber - and to clarify, I'm dumb - Marks dumber. lol)

Sunday morning 6:30 AM back at the ER.  Enter Dr.

Dr. blah blah blah blah blah blah.  Do you have any questions.
Me:  Yes, I have one.  How long should Jason wait before he works out?
Dr. at least 3 weeks.
Me: HA! (because I'm 16 again. lol)
Dr. blah blah blah blah that's why.
Me: See!  You should listen to your mother!
Jason: glaring - I'm not sure who he wanted to smack more - me or the Dr.  I'm thinking me since I was the one laughing.

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