Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some New Colors From The Kiln This Morning...

Good Morning!  It's cold and rainy here-very gloomy.  But, I do have a new batch of buttons and a few pendants just out of the kiln this morning.

This purple is really purple!

I really like this aqua color.  This is actually two different glazes.  The pieces on the right are slightly darker.

Not too crazy about the next three colors, but I do like them with the yarn in the photos below.  I have learned not to give up on glazes...when you put them with other beads and yarn they can look completely different!
I mean really, is this an ugly blue or what?
and brown is never one of my favorites.
I bought a few skeins of Noro yarn - who doesn't love Noro yarn? aaaah, the colors are always so pretty.  And please don't ask about the sweater I was going to make for Molly (2 Thanksgivings ago now) because I haven't even started it yet! bad bad mommy.  Anyhoo, I bought some skeins to make mug cozies and coasters.  Two more of my favorite things.  Look at the buttons with them...oooo, love them.  Can't wait to work on them.
 Even the round button below that I didn't really like - like it on this!

 These are the few pendants that were in this batch.  I'll be listing them today and tomorrow in my Etsy shop
Where is the sun!  I need the sun.  I hope you have a happy day!


  1. Again, just soooo pretty!

  2. Look at all those yummy nummy buttons!!!

  3. I loveeeeee your colorful buttons so beautiful!!!! You do such great work my dear!!!!

    love it!