Friday, May 13, 2011

So Many New Colors...

I have to thank Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio Blog!  She did one of her fabulous posts on the Beads Of Clay Blog about her glaze testing results.  They were so pretty that I immediately ordered all of my favorite colors.  I quickly glazed a bunch of porcelain without testing the glazes in my kiln first!
I filled the kiln to the top and turned it on - I was very nervous!  I wanted Marsha's results but had no idea what I would be getting.
This morning I opened my kiln and it looked like this...
Not exactly like her results, but I like a lot of the pieces.  I've refilled the kiln with more from this glaze but for now, here are some photos from this batch...
I have listed a lot of them in my Etsy shop today and I will be listing more tomorrow.  Molly's prom is tomorrow night so this is going to be a busy weekend here.  Hope she has nice weather tomorrow - they are calling for some rain.


  1. Beautiful results!!! I really like that the colors are layered.

  2. I like them! They are really pretty.

  3. Ooohhhhh! Love the results! Make sure to link this post up to this coming up glaze post!!! Prom sounds like a lot of fun, especially from the mom end. Hope it is extra special. Will check out the Etsy shop! Yay!!!

  4. They all look really pretty! My favorites are the photo 4 down from the top of the post!