Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Rest of The New Glaze Results...

I am really happy with so many of these colors!  lots of new favorites.  This post is full of photos of what I really like from this firing...(you should be able to click on the photos for a better look)
 I think this pink is so cool 
especially on this pendant

 These glaze combinations came out kind of cool, but I'm still not so sure about them
 I kind of like them on the buttons 
 But I'm not sure I like them on the pendants
That's it for me today.  I sliced my finger open unloading the kiln the other day -  It still hurts but it's healing.  I want to work with the clay but I don't want to get clay in it.  I could wear a rubber glove but it might leave texture in the clay.  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos - have a great day!


  1. They are looking good, and I too like that pink! Good idea to let the finger heal and not getting clay in it. Are those at the bottom Georgies sculptural glazes? they are hard to get used to them.....

  2. Great glazes! Sorry about the finger...I'm sure in another day or two you'll be back in action!

  3. These are wonderful!! I especially love the 6th one down...the pattern and the colors are just awesome.

  4. Great results, Howard is huge, is he part Irish wolfhound?

  5. Love the glaze results, not so much on the sliced finger. That sucks! I hate paperwork too - eyes rolling thinking about all mine I have to catch up with…

    Sculptural glazes are often a hit or miss. I try to remember what most people will use them for and think about what if they pull at a customer's expensive shirt/sweater? How am I ready to deal with that (maybe include a "these may pull at material" statement, then you are pretty much covered). Then go forth with that mindset (just because I like to avoid conflict and excess whining).

    Hope that finger heals fast!