Friday, January 21, 2011

Fresh From The Kiln

Here is today's batch of pieces from the kiln.
 These are my favorite pendants.  The green one on the top right is from a piece of lace.  I really like it.
 I love making these little disks.
 And these little pieces.  I could make them all day.  They are so fun.  But then it's time to glaze them and I curse them.  They are not fun to glaze, but then they come out of the kiln all colorful and I love them again and they are completely worth it.
 When I first saw these two I was like ugh, that is a seriously ugly color and I will never use it again!
 But then I saw these pieces and I love this color yellow!  And then I remembered that on those first two I had added another color on top and that's why it's such a funky color.  Actually, in the sun they are kind of pretty so for now I'll just throw them off to the side and maybe I'll learn to like them.
Kiln is running again with a few more beads and a bunch of glaze swatches.  Nothing fun in there.  And today is house cleaning day so no fun their either.  I hope you are having a nice Friday.  I was worried that the schools would be closed today because we had some snow over night, but it was only 2 inches so they were off to school 2 hours late.  It's much easier to clean with an empty house.  I'm too easily distracted and all they have to say is "mom, lets watch a movie" and I'm like cleaning? what cleaning?  It's nice and sunny here so that's a plus - with all of that white snow out there it makes my house really bright - and I'm all for that!


  1. I love these colors and designs!

  2. I love the combination of colors you use. I would love to work with clay.

  3. Love, Love, Love what you make! I'm glad I found your blog...will be fun to watch and see your amazing creations from the kiln!