Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finally, The First Batch Is Finished.

These photos aren't the best because it's early and cloudy, but I wanted to show you what this group looks like before I go back down to reload the kiln again.  I have more new glaze colors and I'm anxious to see what they look like on my clay.

I love this green.
And this blue.
I'm normally not a fan of matte glaze, but I'm kinda liking this on all four clays
This is a new pink.  I like it in person.
I like the toggle
This is a new brand of glaze for me and I'm not loving the texture of it.  I like the color though so I think I'll add a clear glaze over a few pieces and see if I like it better.
These two are really light.  A light lavender and a light pink.
Okay, I'm off to reload the kiln and glaze.  I only have today to finish glazing because if my house isn't cleaned tomorrow it will really start to make me crazy.  I did get all of my laundry finished so I'm not too far behind in the housework department.  I hope the sun comes out today because these photos are terrible and I'll need to take better shots to list some of this on etsy later.

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