Friday, August 3, 2012

Started Out Crazy - Ended Happy

So I opened the kiln to this...
 hhhhh, I really loved this shank button but at some point it had slipped off it's post and attached itself to that bar :O(  And then there was this flower who also decided it was in love...
 So in the first 3 seconds I was two down but then came these...
 love them.  And while I was glazing I thought I would do some layering of colors.  I was a little worried because I usually like to do a sample first, but I like this peachy color that I got with a very pale pink (that I don't really love) with a light yellow over it.
 This is the same pale pink with purple over it.  Kinda 70's tie dye thing going on here.
They're a little funky, but I think I like them.  These are my favorites.
 Actually, that big flower was lavender with aqua over it.
I'm not a big fan of matte glazes (I think I told you that before), but I love this matte aqua!
 I've been making these bracelet bar beads too.
 I made a bunch of them, but I think I'll keep this one for me.
What do you think?  Do you like them?
And I've discovered that chewing gum like a cow, snapping it, and blowing bubbles helps my glazing immensely! lol 
and it's prettttty classy too!


  1. Yes, indeed I love them! They are beautiful and I love the colors you chose as well!

    1. Thanks Cindy - are you coming to Bead Fest in PA in two weeks (august 16-19)? I will have a coupon for free admission posted soon.