Thursday, August 2, 2012

Flowers Flowers Flowers...

First, I'm sorry for the crappy photos.  For some reason my computer will not import photos from my camera.  I don't know whats wrong but suddenly it doesn't recognize my camera?!?  So all the photos in this post are from my iPhone and they suck. lol

Anyway, I started this week way behind in the porcelain glazing!
 I loaded the kiln yesterday and here are a few of the pieces that came out this morning...

These little flowers are awesome if I do say so myself!  I love them.  I want to make a bazillion of them and I want to hoard them.  They remind me of tea cups or lily pads.  Anyway, I love them.
 I've been pulling out glazes that I haven't used in a long time.  The dark ones are an aqua matte that is much prettier in person (again, my iPhone photos suck - and I'm sorry about that) the others are an icy blue.
Oh, my eyes on this photo --- Gaaaa. pretty bad, but in person these are pretty lilac and amethyst color. You'll just have to use your imagination here. lol
 ooo, yet again - your imagination is needed here as well...these are light pink, and a pinkish purple color.
So even though the color is way off - you can see the patterns at least and I'm really happy with them so far.

I'm glazing all day again today.  Oooh my poor butt!  I'm working at home in my kitchen so instead of sitting on my super comfy leather padded stool at the studio - I'm sitting on a hard as rock kitchen chair.  I'll be loading the kiln in few minutes again too so tomorrow I'm hoping to have some good stuff to show you.  

Stay cool - it's another killer humid hot day here in Maryland so I'm going to hide inside.  Happy Thursday!


  1. Oh Mary! These are wonderful! So beautiful! I love all the new colors you are using! I'll be first in line at your table at Bead Fest. By the way, put a cushion on that chair!


    1. Thanks Sandy! I can't wait to see everyone - I was really disappointed when I had to miss April's Bead Fest.

      Lol I know Sandy - you should see me when I stand up I'm like 300 years old all hunched over creaking and complaining!

    2. Hello...
      You do not know me, but I'd love to buy some of these for a school art project. How do I contact you?

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