Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bead Fest and My Loot!

I can't believe Bead Fest PA has come and gone!  After all those long hours in the studio getting ready and looking forward to seeing my went too fast as always!  Molly and I have decided that we will definitely do it again next year.

Here is how the booth looked...
 Poor Molly was up till 2am Wednesday wrapping Irish Waxed Linen thread!  That's ALL she did Wednesday - she recruited her boyfriend Nick who worked for 5 hours with her!  And guess what...we didn't sell any! Well, I sold one 5 yard card but that's it!  It's crazy - I sell a ton of this in my Etsy shop!
 I felt like I had plenty of pieces.  Lots of color, sizes, shapes and textures...

My buddy Marsha came by my booth and made me laugh constantly! 
Saturday night Molly, Kellie and I went to dinner with MarshaJenny, and new friend Cooky who owns a fabulous bead/mixed media shop in San Diego! So much fun!
We always have a great time at Bead Fest!  I love hanging out with my beady buddies.  This year I met a few more in person which is always fun!  I loved having both of my girls with  me for the weekend!  Molly and Kellie had a great time.  Everyone was so nice to them and they shopped shopped shopped!

My birthday was Sunday, August 19th so it was a fantastic way to spend my b-day with my girls and all of my bead friends!  They surprised me with a sweet card and some gorgeous beadiness!  I'm missing a glass lampwork dog bead (I think Kellie snagged it) but these gorgeous pieces are from:  Green Girl Studios, Cooky gave me the 2 disks from MarshaAnne GardanneBarbara BechtelKerry BogertJennyElaine RaySusan KennedyOlivia BrownJan OnipencoLisa LiddyDiana! And there was some yummy chocolates from Cynthia! So much awesomeness! 
And then there was the shopping that I was able to sneak in and here is my loot:
KABs Concepts
 Second Surf
Jan and I had a great time swapping! I went a little crazy at her booth Molten Mayhem!
 I'm not sure if I will actually wear anything with the giant beads but I love them - I may just hoard them.  These are from The Bead Goes On

 Then I hit one of my favorite booths Hands of the Hills
 The gal who had a booth next to me Jennifer makes these awesome enameled head pins!
 and the damage continued at The Lipstick Ranch

I'm going to make a small art quilt and use these in the center...
 This is only a small peek at what I got from Jenny - Molly has the rest!
 and I went a little nuts at Ornamentea on Elaine Ray beads!  Molly has a big pile too!
the booth on the other side of me had some beautiful beads too! Starleen
and I had a crazy good time talking and shopping at Olivia's booth!
and we had a bead swap and my partner was Lisa Liddy
 the amazing Staci gave me this!
and I traded some of my pieces for these awesome silks from Marsha!
I'll have to grab all the goods that Kellie and Molly bought to show you after I recover from the state of my bank account!  Lets just say that the three of us did some damage! lol
Like all the pieces from Diana - I know she was at Diana's booth A LOT!


  1. Great booth pics, great shopping/trading haul! Great to meet you. :)

    1. Thanks! It was great meeting you too! Molly plans to shop your metal stains once she has some money to spend!

  2. This is so awesome Mary, thanks for sharing! I'd have gone crazy with all those beads around! Your booth looked fantastic! I'm off to buy stuff from your store... ;)

    1. Thanks Louise! We had so much fun - and we did go crazy with all the beads around! lol

  3. What awesomeness! Am drooling over all the goodies in your loot. And your booth looked like it had tons of new, pretty pieces. Will they make an appearance in your Etsy shop?

    1. Thanks! I will be listing the pieces on Etsy soon. I just don't seem to be able to find time to photograph, edit, and post them! Hoping to get to it very soon!

  4. Wow what a bounty, I only wish there was a Bead Fest UK!
    I've just found you and now I'm off to click the follow button :0) Hello from Claire