Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lots Of New Pieces Coming Out Of The Kiln

I have been really busy working on custom orders this week, but I have also been making lots of new items for my Etsy shop!  I love bead caps so tons of these are in the works...
I think they are so cute!
And I've been glazing a lot of things with this red glaze!  It's a really rich, bright, red and I love it!  I guess I'm feeling all Christmas-y cause it's my favorite color this week.
 I've also been making lentil beads.  I broke 3 (gaaah - That's what I get for treating them so badly)
 And I like these tubes.  Fun to make - I want to knit some Icord and felt it and then use these with it...
 and lots of earring sets like these...
 It's been busy here.  Still haven't heard anything about the Retail/Studio space that I'm trying to rent so I guess that's on hold until the first of the year.  I did all of my Christmas shopping online and now my foyer looks like a warehouse but that fine with me!  I'm just happy to be finished with the shopping.  yay!  Next week is cookie, candy, and bread making time.  I'll be making these for sure! these, these and these I think I'm going to make everyone a gingerbread cake for Christmas this year.  I have to make one for us first and make sure I like it.  Otherwise, I'm thinking herb bread - 'cause I looooooooove it.  love it.

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  1. I had a peek at your buttons on Etsy...lovely I may have to order some.
    Merry Xmas!