Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Arrived A Little Early For Me...

I fully believe that everyone should buy themselves a Christmas gift while shopping for everyone else.  I have been wanting a small counter top brick oven to make bread.  I've been google searching and I saw this one on several bread blogs - The reviews for baking bread and pizza in it have been really good.  It goes to 500 degrees so you can cook anything in it.  I only plan to make bread/pizza in it so it seemed like the best choice for me - especially since it's regular price is $360 and I only paid $98 with free shipping! and the best part is that I ordered it from yesterday and it arrived today!!!
 I also bought two new bread books...
I can't wait to start baking bread!  home made bread...heaven!


  1. Look up NO KNEAD bread and you can cook in oven in a dutch oven or perhaps in this oven.......very good!

  2. yum!!!! i always bake our own bread - i own an awesome professional baking form, i believe it's silicone coated aluminum and it is the best! comes from denmark, brand eva professional. if you think about making sourdough bread - do it - no comparison to yeast, if you ask me!
    happy baking! and merry christmas!