Monday, October 24, 2011

OOO, I'm Pretty Happy With My New Stamps!

I opened my kiln this morning and there were a few of my new stamp pieces that I carved last week.  I'm pretty happy with them!
This is the little clover from my new logo without the WCK letters.  It's a cute little 7/8 inch pendant.  I might put it on a bracelet.  
 I like this leaf. 
 and I like this bird - I didn't carve this stamp, it's a button 
 and my little tree.....mmmm, needs a little work.  It's pretty wonky.
 The rest of the pieces from this batch are glaze samples.  Some I love, some I hate.
 I'll be glazing samples all week.
And these last two pendants decided they liked their wires too much to let go :O(
Personal note, Mark was riding his bicycle yesterday down a big hill and a dog ran out in front of him and he hit the dog and flipped over the bars onto the street.  Fractured elbow.  Poor Mark.


  1. beautiful!!!
    hope mark will heal quickly!!

  2. Ouch! Fractured elbows are dreadful! My Molly did one a few years ago. Lots of physio once it's healed. Love, love, love your pendants!

  3. Cool, stamps, just popped over from Louises blog to say hi, cheers Marie

  4. The new glazes are lovely! I like the brown/rust/purpley one especially ie. The one with the bird.