Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Items in My Etsy Shop Today!

I listed five of my mug cozies in my Etsy shop this morning!

 And a bunch of new handmade ceramic pendants and buttons including these in this new glaze combination...

I made a bunch of other pieces in the earthenware that haven't been listed yet but will be soon.  I love this button!
I'm glad I made two of them because I used the second one on the mug cozy that I'm keeping for myself.
 Here are some of the other pieces from the batch.

 These and others will be in the shop later this week. 
Have a great Tuesday!


  1. I'm loving No. 5 in that last batch of photos. A lot! And that last little button is too cute - the way it's positioned, it looks like a sad little star with a gimpy limb. I can even see his downturned mouth :-)

  2. Glad my comment brought some laughs into your day :-). Thanks for following my blog. Have a great day ahead. Adlinah.

  3. Your pieces are SO yummy!!! Love the mug cozies too - perfect for this fall weather that is setting in around the Mid-Atlantic :)

  4. Hi Mary
    I went over to WCStitches to see what you are up to and find you have vacated the premises and moved here! I love what I see here. You've really nailed these ceramic pieces, so tactile. The colours in the top mug cosy are just so gorgeous. I don't seem to be doing much blog reading lately..I think I should put all my 'special blogs' into a separate list..the ones that I've been following from the start! You would definitely be one. I see from my FB you like my new soon be dog..I just thought how hilarious it would be to stand her next to Howard! They couldn't be more different!