Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cleaning Clay and Knitting

I spent the entire day yesterday making buttons and pendants in stoneware, porcelain, and earthenware clays!  It was a looooong day at the desk but I have a full kiln of stoneware and porcelain bisque being fired today and tomorrow I will bisque fire the earthenware stuff that I'm cleaning up today.  I can't wait to see these glazed.  I love them.
 I have also been knitting like crazy!  I love these mug cozies!  I've been playing around with buttons to see what I want to use - I think I will wait till some of the new pieces from yesterday are glazed.  I'd like to get these listed by this weekend.
I like how they look on a mug.
some have good "guy" colors.
but this one might be my favorite so far.
That's what is happening here.  Have a great Tuesday!


  1. mary, these are awesome!! what's the yarn? noro? what a nice fit with your gorgeous buttons!!!

  2. The acorns are darling! Can't wait to see them glazed either. Will have to pop over to your shop when they're done :-)