Thursday, April 14, 2011

Handmade Buttons And Hand Spun Wool = Happiness!

I have commitments all over!  I need to make 500 buttons by the end of the month.  mm, just a few buttons. :O)  So When I opened the kiln this morning and saw these pretty spring buttons I was really happy!
 These are new - I'm crazy about them!  I'm going to have to make a bazillion more because I won't be able to part with these!
I like to spin my own yarn and I thought I would show you how some of these new buttons look with some of my favorite hand spun yarns- Definitely click on the photos to get the full color love experience :O)...
 Love this glaze and this button!
 Doesn't look so great with this yarn
 but man!  I really like it with this one
 and when I saw this glaze I was like - iii and had planned to make a note not to make any more buttons with it
 but zowie!  I love it with this yarn!
 these are new too - I think they are awesome.
 and these - my all time favorite glaze combination.  These are 3/4 inch buttons.  I'm going to have to make a bazillion more of these too.
 this blue really pops on this yarn.  and this is another favorite shape for buttons
 here is that pinkish color again.  I like it with this yarn too so I think this color will go with a lot of different yarns.
 this yarn is full of pretty fall colors and I really like this button with it.
 and since green is my favorite color I had to show you these.  I don't think I can part with these either.  Which is becoming a problem because I see from this post that I plan to keep a lot of buttons!

 That's it for me today.  I'm glazing glazing glazing and rolling out buttons like a mad woman!  My brand new slab roller arrived just in time because it's getting a work out this week!  I had stressed about spending the money but it's worth every penny.  I bought Bailey's Mini-Might and it's the perfect size for me.  I hope you are having a great day!


  1. The buttons and the yarn look fabulous together! I'll have to keep this in mind because every Christmas I buy my neighbor handmade buttons for her scarf-making! I know whose buttons I'm buying this year!

  2. Neat buttons but 500! that's a whole lot of buttons. How will you have time to spin yarn? LOL!

  3. LOL I know - 500 is crazy but they are not all for the same store or event.

  4. SO happy you got a slab roller! It will make your life easier and your wrists will last longer… Keep going with the glazes you are working with - they are amazing! I am stalking your Etsy shop to add even more of your pieces to my stash! Will you be putting your buttons in "batches" or "sets" into your etsy shop? Not right away since you've got events coming up - but at some point? Beautiful!!!