Saturday, June 15, 2013

I Thought It Was A Kiln Full Of Crapola

When I opened the kiln this morning I was pretty disappointed...
 For some reason I forgot how much I hate this brown glaze and there were a lot of really ugly pieces...
 It looks so pretty on the jar that I completely forgot what it looks like fired in my kiln.
I was happy to find a few pieces that I liked at the bottom...
 I have to say, I love this heart!
I have to remember to mark that brown glaze so I don't use it again.  Very disappointing reveal that's for sure.  Anyhoo, I'm still glazing and firing like crazy getting ready for the summer shows.  I sure hope the next batch is pretty.  


  1. I like some of the ones that you don't like, and I'm not usually a fan of brown. The brown/green flower on the bottom of the picture is cute, and so is the pinkish one with the swirl. :)

    Love that squirrel.

    1. Thanks Jen! Email me your address and I will send them to you. Mary

    2. Oh WOW!!!! That's so cool of you.

  2. I was just going to tell you that I thought the brownish-blue ones are very cool! (Not trying to talk you out of any, just what I was about to say!) You may have to rethink your dislike of the brown! ha! :-) Happy 4th!