Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Roses, The Sheep, and The Wonkyness of it all...

So, I love big English Roses!  I ordered four different kinds for my backyard and can I just say that I cannot wait for them to bloom!

 They arrived on Monday and me thinks it's going to be awhile before they bloom! lol
Mark was like...."aaaaah, where are the gorgeous roses I've been hearing about?" wweeeeeeeelllll, lets just say they are on the way.  And some time in the next two years they should get here!

The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival was all kinds of fun!  Molly and Kellie helped me on Saturday and my niece Amy and her daughter Grace helped us on Sunday.  
 The girls spent most of their time eating
 and making new friends 

This past week I was making bigger pinch pot bowls to go with the soy candles I'm making.
 I love pinch pot bowls.  I never notice how crazy wonky they are until they are dry.  Then I'm like how did I not see this craziness?  But then I remember that it's the crazy wonkyness of them that I love!  It's the reason I make pinch pots and not wheel thrown pots.  I love the handmade lopsided fingerprints in them.  So I say... bring on the pinch pots 
 I went to Home Depot yesterday and bought flowers.  Flowers are expensive!  Sheesh!  And, honestly, I love flowers, flowers make my heart sing!  But...the planting of the flowers...ggaaaaaaah I hate it.
 As I type this post I can hear Mark out back doing yard work.  He has been in here twice asking when I'm coming out because "the flowers don't plant themselves" waaaaaaaaaah, I hate yard work!!!  I would much rather be cleaning these new pieces to load the kiln....
At least it's a gorgeous day!  I hope you have a lovely Saturday!  I'm off to hhhhh plant the flowers :O/


  1. In two years I bet your roses are going to be beautiful and all the hard work you did will be worth it. I spent Saturday planting several rose bushes in my garden and I keep my fingers crossed they will survive this year. I know roses can grow in Florida so far mine don't but I keep trying.

    1. These are David Austin roses and are said to be very hardy - we shall see. I hope your roses thrive this time too!