Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Color Color Color!

I'm not sure there is anything that makes me as happy as opening my kiln and seeing all the colors!  I finally had time to run my kiln last night and here are the results...
 Molly and I have been working hard to get the studio ready
 I decided that we didn't need this much storage for the clay stuff so I took one of these silver shelves back out.  I'm putting a wooden book shelf there instead.  And I still need to get a big comfy over-sized chair for Howard.  He can't be expected to hang out with us without a comfy chair, right?
 I'm glad it's going to be cooler the rest of this week.  I like Spring and am happiest when I can have the windows open with fresh air.


  1. Wow these creations of yours are beautiful Mary! You must be thrilled. I love the images of your studio, looking so wonderful, how it must make you feel to have it! I look at it with hope for myself, in the future... :)

  2. Oh my, these are soo pretty! Love the flower buttons/beads. Are they listed yet :-)?

  3. I just listed 20 of the new pieces on Etsy!

  4. wonderful, mary - though i would not expect anything else... ;-)