Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trying To Get Things Done - but not

I am being punished for running up the steps to the lab with Molly yesterday.  We were trying to get there before the old guy who was also going to the lab but taking the elevator.  So I am on crutches for 7 days.
I have two huge kiln loads of bisque fired earthenware and low fire white pieces just waiting patiently for me to glaze and I was in the middle of glazing porcelain with a bunch of new glazes and they are all in the basement waiting for me and I am stuck in the family room with crutches.  Very frustrating.  I'm making Molly crazy with my "Mollyyyyy, will you get me this and that and this and that..." all day.  Luckily Howard is keeping me company...but he's sleeping - does your dog sleep like this? 
he's good for a laugh.  I have spent two days on the sofa now (actually it's more like 16 hours total but it feels like two days!) and I'm thinkin' it's time to crawl down the basement steps and start glazing - it's that or I'll go completely crazy sitting here.


  1. I love everything Howard (and of course ceramics). The picture of Howard eating his paw is just too cute. And yes, many dogs sleep like Howard.

  2. Hope you mend soon! What a great picture of Howard!

  3. I am glad it's only for 7 days. Keep it elevated or it will be longer! Howard cracks me up!!! Our one cat sleeps like that when she can find a soft sunny spot.

    Riley sits and "scootches" down the steps - either that or "down and around" which is on the belly, then slide down. Looks cute on a 1.5 year old boy - not sure on a grown woman ;)

    Can't wait to see your new colors - I think you should do a post or a few on BOC… Love the color combinations you get. I just have to keep "hearting" things from your Etsy shop so I don't go too crazy - because I would so have one of everything!

    Feel better soon!